Cindy and Jim celebrated their wedding day at Duke’s in Malibu.  It was a gorgeous venue with walls of windows that allowed the ocean view to be an awesome part of the stunning decor.  They wanted their wedding day to be peaceful and relaxed so they could enjoy every minute and every single guest.  It was exactly that, and we loved being a part of their special day!


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Yvette and Jordan’s wedding day was rich with family and deep love.  Every wedding is great, but they all hit you a little differently.  I love that.

They had so many fun locations – getting ready at the Palihouse and Georgian, experiencing the ceremony at the breathtaking St. Monica Catholic Church, and celebrating at The Victorian.

We also loved the team who helped them make this day possible:  Love is Sweet Events, Bride and Zoom Videography, DJ Pasha Entertainment, City Florals

Palihouse Wedding Photographer1Palihouse Wedding Photographer2Santa Monica Georgian Wedding Photographer1Santa Monica Georgian WeddingSanta Monica Georgian Wedding Photographer2Santa Monica Georgian Wedding Photographer3Santa Monica Georgian Wedding Photographer4Santa Monica Georgian Wedding Photographer5Santa Monica Georgian Wedding Photographer6Santa Monica Georgian Wedding Photographer7Santa Monica Georgian Wedding Photographer8Santa Monica Wedding Photographer11Santa Monica Wedding Photographer12Santa Monica Wedding Photographer13Santa Monica Wedding Photographer14Santa Monica Wedding Photographer15Santa Monica Wedding Photographer16Santa Monica Wedding Photographer17Santa Monica Wedding Photographer18Santa Monica Wedding Photographer19Santa Monica Wedding Photographer20Santa Monica Wedding Photographer21Santa Monica Wedding Photographer22Santa Monica Wedding Photographer24Santa Monica Wedding Photographer23Santa Monica Wedding Photographer25Santa Monica Wedding Photographer26Santa Monica Georgian Wedding Photographer27St Monica Catholic Church Wedding Photographer1St Monica Catholic Church Wedding Photographer2St Monica Catholic Church Wedding Photographer3St Monica Catholic Church Wedding Photographer4St Monica Catholic Church Wedding Photographer5St Monica Catholic Church Wedding Photographer6St Monica Catholic Church Wedding Photographer7St Monica Catholic Church Wedding Photographer8St Monica Catholic Church Wedding Photographer9St Monica Catholic Church Wedding Photographer10Santa Monica Wedding Photographer38Santa Monica Wedding Photographer40Santa Monica Wedding Photographer41Santa Monica Wedding Photographer39Santa Monica Wedding Photographer42Santa Monica Wedding Photographer43The Victorian Santa Monica Wedding Photographer1The Victorian Santa Monica Wedding Photographer2The Victorian Santa Monica Wedding Photographer3The Victorian Santa Monica Wedding Photographer4The Victorian Santa Monica Wedding Photographer5

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Veronica and Marco’s wedding was so refreshing.  It was full of family (so much family), joyful celebration, and dancing!  I know, every wedding has those things, right?  But this wedding was overflowing with that goodness.  And Veronica and Marco love to dance!  I have never seen a bride enjoy dancing this much.  She is so full of life.  Also, I’m easily won over when people break out in a salsa dance.


Saddlerock Ranch_1Saddlerock Ranch_2Saddlerock Ranch_3Saddlerock Ranch_4Saddlerock Ranch_5Saddlerock Ranch_6Saddlerock Ranch_7Saddlerock Ranch_8Saddlerock Ranch_9Saddlerock Ranch_10Saddlerock Ranch_11Saddlerock Ranch_12Saddlerock Ranch_13Saddlerock Ranch_14Saddlerock Ranch_15Saddlerock Ranch_16Saddlerock Ranch_17Saddlerock Ranch_18Saddlerock Ranch_19Saddlerock Ranch_20Saddlerock Ranch_21Saddlerock Ranch_22Saddlerock Ranch_23Saddlerock Ranch_24Saddlerock Ranch_25Saddlerock Ranch_26Saddlerock Ranch_27Saddlerock Ranch_28Saddlerock Ranch_29Saddlerock Ranch_30Saddlerock Ranch_31

Venue – Saddlerock Ranch

Videography – Ellay Films

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